A brief tutorial encompasing the use of DOE Maker, a web application in R made with Shiny.


The purpose of this post is present a brief tutorial about how to install and use DOE Maker, and it does not cover concepts or theoretical aspects about design of experiments. If you do not really know what is the topic about, a good first place could be found in the link: Design of experiments.

The post itself also includes some links to sites covering some topics and subtopics about design of experiments.

What is DOE Maker?

DOE Maker is is a Shiny App that allows to design experiments, which covers full factorial designs, fractional factorial, and response surface designs. Response surface designs includes Box-Behnken, and Central-composite designs.

Install and use

If you are an R and RStudio user, you have two options to use the app.

Download from GitHub

Simply download it from GitHub or through GitHub Desktop, click here: DOE Maker. Once in the DOEMaker main folder, double click on the DOE-Maker.Rproj file:

And type in the R console (you need devtools package):


and then type:


To do the above, you can also run the file app.R in DOEMaker main directory.

As a package

Install the app as a package with the next code:




and finally:



Use the app directly, you do not need R or RStudio, by clicking in the next link:

DOE Maker

I think this will not be a long term option to use the app because shinyapp.io just allow to publish five apps simultaneously, with some other restrictions.

Make a design

Choose a type of desgin

Once you run the app, by default, a full factorial design with 3 factors will be display. Choose a type of design by clicking one option:


The next step is set the options according to your needs:

As you set different options the table on the right will automatically update the table on the right:

For space considerations, not all treatments are displayed. You can see the remain treatments by clicking on the bottom right:


Finally, you can write a file name and download your design table, as a CSV file, just by clicking on the gray button:

Your design will be on your downloads directory.

A few considerations

The core functions in DOEMaker() are those precisely making the design tables. These functions and their packages are:

  • fac.design() from DoE.base for full factorial designs.
  • FrF2() from FrF2 for fractional designs.
  • bbd() and ccd() for Box-Benhken and Central-composite designs, respectively. Both functions are within rsm package.

Not all the arguments of these functions are used in the app, mainly because my purpose was to program something basic and representative for each kind of design.


Thank you so much for your time and visit this site.

Juan Pablo Carreón Hidalgo 🤓


The text on this tutorial is under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

CC BY 4.0

DOE Maker is under GNU General Public License v3.0